The Airsweep® bin discharge system provides a proven way to start and maintain flow of "tough" bulk granular materials... even those that may have resisted previous efforts involving the use of air pads, high pressure air blasts or vibration.

If rat holes, clogging and bridging are a way of life in your manufacturing process, the Airsweep bin discharge system may be a solution to the problems.




A typical Airsweep system consists of strategically-located Airsweeps, high-flow solenoid valves, electronic sequence controller, air receiver, air prep and distribution elements.

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The system can operate independently or can easily integrate with other equipment or automation systems. Based upon flow requirements, system is set to sequentially pulse bursts of high-velocity air along the container wall.

Up to an 8-foot diameter of material may be dislodged with each pulse, promoting steady outflow of material upon demand.